€400,00 EUR

Online coaching - group

Do you need help, tips, inspiration and motivation to achive your goals? 

This is online coach group option!

I can help with
Dogdance freestyle
Focus and motivation
Toy and food drive
Switch between modes

What you have to do
This option is for groups only - and will therefore be hard to preorder.

You can be a group with max 10 people
Everything happens on Zoom
Live video call

What you need

  • Max 10 people
  • Everything on zoom
  • 2 * 1,5 hour
  • Unlimited answer to any questions you may have
  • A list over tricks you want to go trough - or topic you want to go trough.
  • Minimum 14 days between those sessions

This is how this works

We will have a live zoom event where we all talk together.
* Everyone gets there limited time to get help with a trick
* Or a topic you want me to talk about.

Looking forward to hear from YOU! ;)

Post  @bissevov.no if you have any questions before booking ;)