€99,00 EUR

Trick seminar - level 2

  • 13 tricks
  • video and written description
  • Facebookgroup
  • Dogtrainer presents in group
  • 1 year access
  • Everything is already up and ready for you

    This is next step of dogtricks!
    Boost your relationship with your dog and use mental training with tricks. It`s also a perfect uppertunety for you to get a closer bond with your dog.
    Tricks = a lot of fun training

    The tricks in this course is
    Between you legs possision
    Say yes
    Arm flips (jump over your arms)
    Rings on a cone
    Jump trough hola hoop
    X and Y
    Back up
    Clean up toys
    Zikk zakk (slalom)
    Around an object

    Walking forwards with leg cross!