€75,00 EUR

Online coaching - single

Do you need help, tips, inspiration and motivation to achive your goals? 

This is online coach single option.

I can help with
Dogdance freestyle
Focus and motivation
Toy and food drive
Switch between modes

What you have to do

  • send me a up to 40 min video (raw - no editing)
  • List of things you struggle with

What you will get back

  • Feedback on your video in detalje 
  • A plan on how to work from here
  • Unlimited answer to any questions you may have regarding when you send me the video
  • 20 min zoom feedback after video session is done as a follow up.

This is how this works
You will need a youtube account where you can put up your video you want feedback on. It can be privat, but you have to send me the link for me to see.
Email - I need your email to send you the detalj feedback and a plan on how to work forward from here.

Some time after you have gotten your feedback and worked on it - you get a 20 min zoomcall with me.
I can see how far you have come and also answer additional questions you have about the things you needed help on. (Not new/other problems)

Looking forward to hear from YOU! ;)

Post  @bissevov.no if you have any questions before booking ;)