€99,00 EUR

From zero to hero trick class

For the starters - that wants to know how to get your cool dog to do cool tricks!

What you'll get:

  • 14 tricks
  • Written descriptions
  • Video of step by step
  • Facebook group
  • 1 year access

    Boost your relationship with your dog and use mental training with tricks. It`s also a perfect uppertunety for you to get a closer bond with your dog.
    Tricks = a lot of fun training

    If you have a competitiondog, or a couchdog - does not matter. They all need mental stimuli and tricks is a great way to achive that.

    * Boost you and your dogs confidence
    * Improve your dogs focus and engagement with you
    * Body awereness

    * Build good core mucles
    * Help prevent injurys


    Tricks in this package is
    4 legs in a bowl
    Sit pretty
    Go around you
    Cross paws
    Roll over
    Catch (jump in your arms)
    Jump trough hooped arms
    A and B (front paw lift)
    Blow bubbles in a bowl of water
    Back up around you
    Take a bow
    Say your prayers