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Booking of Team Bissevov


Dogtrainer / Lectures/ Seminars and shows

Run Team Bissevov since 2006.
It`s courses, seminars, lectures and shows with the dogs.

We also do comercials, movies and tvshows.
Winner of the international dogdancing competition at
CRUFTS in 2022
Followed by Disney for 1 year to the tv show
"The secret life of dancing dogs" - Season 1
4 times national champion in dogdance
National team in Norway since 2016
Nordic championchip
World championchip
Approved visitingdogs for the red cross
Approved heerding dogs
Norways got talent
Swedens got talent
Trick shows all over Europe the last 8 years

My dogs has also been used on different theaters since 2012 (15 different plays)
If you want to book us
Please feel free to contact us

Live courses

You can hire me to hold different types of courses within dogsports

Tricks and dogdance freestyle
are my main areas.

I have my degree as a dogtrainer here in Norway and have been holding seminars all over Europe since 2006.

My main goal is to train my own dogs, but from time to time I set time off to hold seminars too.

I train with positive reinforcement, patient and clicker ;)
I`m a huge fan of letting the dogs "think for themselfe" and together we come to the best results.
Changing between modes (high and low) and breath!

Contact us for prices


We already have several years of experience with holding trickshows around the world too.
Events, fairs and birthdays - and also bigger events with alot of people.
We have been to
Oslo dogshow (5 years in a row)
Camp wilderness (5 years)
Animals for all
and several other big events trought out the years with my dogs.
Contact us for prices if your interested in seeing our show ;)


Theaters - Comercials - Movies

My dogs have done alot of these things the past few years.
15 theaterplays
Alot of comercials
Short movies
They are used to bizzy invirement
Camera and crew
Taking comands also from others

MY job - is to make sure that the dogs are ok at all times.

They are all ready for the next big thing!

Contact us for booking


I`m holding lectures.
It`s about dogs, dogtraining, the bond between handler and dog and use of dog(s) as therapy.
I use my dogs as not just pets and competition dogs, but also trainingpartners and how to manage life with hearingaids and a sneeze of anxiety.
Contact us for booking

We have been on all sorts of events, theaters, comercial and tvshows