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My name is Marianne Elise Methi and I`m a professional dogtrainer located in Norway. I have been training dogs all my life, but professionaI since 2000. I have 4 dogs 1 year to 10 years old and together we are Team Bissevov.

We have seminars all over the world too - and also online seminars - now both in Norwegian and english!
Sharing what I know of dogtraining is my passion!

I LOVE using the dogs in different dogsports and compete in highest level in several dogsports - including the national team in dogdance with 2 of my dogs.

For 1 year - me and the dogs have had the privilege to been follow by a tvcrew from Hulu/Disney for a tv show called
"The secret life of dancing dogs"
Relase date - 17th of november in US and UK.
On Disney +!
The international dates I`m still not sure of

In march 2022 - me and Vega WON the international freestyle competition at CRUFTS!
I`m so freaking proud of that!!!

I have had different dogs on the national team in dogdancing for years.

4 times Norwegian champion (2017, 2019, 2020 and 2021 )
European champion GCDC frisbee distance and nr 2 overall 2018
Champion in several different dogsports with different dogs
Red cross visiting friend with the dogs
Been in tvshows, comercials, musicvideos and theaterplays with several of the dogs.
Aproved heerdingdog
Run my own company in Norway

In our training we use positive reinforcement only!
Clicker, louring and shaping. I´m a huge fan of the dogs thinking for them selfe and come to a result together with me.



The one and only!
No words can describe what this dog means to me.

Vega - sadly passed away on the 29th of october 2023.
She got sick the week before and there was nothing to do so I took the hard decision and let her go.
Once in a lifetime dog
Rest in peace my love. Will see you again where roses never dies

Name: Vega
Born: 18 june 2012
Passed away 29th of october 2023
Breed: Border collie (Yes, with pedigree)
Regnumber: ISDSN/32811

4 times national winner in freestyle
2 times at Crufts
Winner of international freestyle at Crufts 2022
Several nordic championships
Nr 3 in Nordic with team
Been to world championships

Norways got talent (semi final)
Swedens got talent (final)
Alot of comercials and short movies in Norway
14 times in different theaterplays.
(9 of them as the dog "Sandy" in the musical "Annie")
Wizard of oz (Toto)
Approved heerdingdog
Approved visitingdog for the red cross

My soulmate and best friend
and a superstar!

Kennel Lurhaugs Violetta Violetta

My first ever golden retriever - from huntinglines, and boy was I in for a treat!

Name: Kanutten (in every day life)
Born: 26th january 2016
Breed: Golden retriever (from huntinglines)
Regnumber: NO33209/16
HD: Free A
AD: Free 0/0

She has the sweetest soul a dog can have. So nice to everyone she meets on her way.
We have competed together too, but after she fell ill in 2020 - I retierd her.
We still don`t know what almost killed her, but I`m glad she`s back on her feet. But no more competitions ;)
She finished by beeing nr 3 in the Norwegian championship in freestyle.

Kanutten is now a theaterdog!
This winter she is going to have the biggest roll ever. The dog "Sandy" in the musical "Annie" in the biggest theater in Norway.
This is her third play "alone" and my 15th in 10 years.
We`re ready!

Rally obedience
Dogdance freestyle
Frisbee freestyle (European champion in 2018)
Approved visitingdog for the red cross
Bronse medal in Norwegian championship in freestyle dogdance
European champion Frisbee

*Knows a bunch of cool tricks
* Take comands from others and knows how to work in a stressful enviroment.

The pack`s selfpointed boss

Camp Alpha`s Tjorven

Name: Tjorven
Born: 14th of december 2020
Breed: Golden retriever (from huntinglines)
Regnumber: NO31046/21
HD: Free A
AD: Free 0/0
Eyes - Clear
DNA - Not carrier

This little fireball is my own breeding. She`s after Kanutten - and Aquaseer`s  First Fighter "Abbe".
I really LOVE working with her!
We`re doing rally obedience, heelwork and a bunch of tricks together. She also loves to do frisbee ;)

She knows a bunch of cool tricks
Take comands from others
Knows how to work in a stressful enviroment
Can work on a distance
The perfect movie/comercal dog

In 2024 - we`re gonna kick some butt in the competitionring as well !

BK Sirius

Name: Sirius (in every day life)
Born: 23rd of september 2021
Breed: Border collie (yes, with pedigree)
Regnumber: ROI22/4441
HD: Free B
AD: Free 0/0

Import from Italy
Vega is his fathers aunt.

This guy has been a challenge. Not because he is a problem dog, but he has ALOT of energy!
But now - finally he starts to land. He is so amazing to train with and I love his attitude !
2024 - is our year in the competitionring!
Freestyle of course ;)
So watch out people!
This guy is also gonna kick some butt!

He takes comands from me
Can work on a distance
We`re working on doing tricks in stressful enviroments
Only 2 years old
Future star!