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Welcome to Team Bissevov Dogtraining

















Proffesional dogtrainer - located in Norway


17th of november is the release date on the Disney show that we`re in!

(only in USA from 17th. Europe release is 13th of december)
"The secret life of dancing dogs"

23rd of november - Opening night of "Annie" - where Kanutten playing the role of "Sandy" at Folketeateret. Thats the biggest private owned theater in Oslo!

Sad to say that Vega has passed away - 11.5 years old

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Live seminars and shows

We travel the world

  • We compete on the national team in dogdancing.
  • 4 times national champion
  • Winner of the international freestyle at CRUFTS 2022
  • We hold seminars, lectures and trickshows
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  • I specialize in tricks, obedience and dogdance
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Dogtraining with

Marianne Elise Methi


Who are we?

I`m a dogtrainer from Norway with the world as my playground!
Different dogsports the last 23 years with dogs on top level.

The last few years dogdance has capture my heart and that have taken me to Norwegian champins 4 times, World championchip, Nordic championchips and 2 times to the international dogdancing competition at Crufts! (Yes, we won in 2022)
We also have trickshows all over Europe.

My dogs are not just competitiondogs/showdogs.. They are my family, my best friends and are with me every day.
I have the most used theaterdogs in Norway the last 10 years - and they are freakvently been used in comercials and tv series.
We have also been to both Norwegians got talent and Swedens got talent.

Now Vega is retierd, Kanutten is almost a full time theaterdog and the 2 youngest in full training for next years adventures.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night